plates made of steel

They can take a lot: Crane support plates of steel are used for large cranes, heavy construction machinery, and for special requirements in difficult terrain as well as problematic subsoils. They are more than just plates – they are not solid; in their interior, they consist of a specially formed honeycomb structure and are precisely statically dimensioned for the corresponding bearing loads and acceptable ground pressures. Welding is expertly done in accordance with EN ISO 5817 Group C; all plates are subject to internal quality assurance and control. You thus provide stability even in the most difficult conditions.



benefits at a glance:

  • exact static calculation
  • you get a certificate
  • low weight
  • extremely high load-bearing ability
  • standard 4 load hooks for 5 tons each
  • nameplate
  • also to be used as a bridge
  • variable ground compression
  • maximum support pressure of up to 500 tons
  • proven in practical applications


attachments: pictures >>

  • folding eyes
  • trailer recess
  • pendant poller
  • container corners
  • stacking corners
  • two in one
product overview
dimensions, load capacity and much more
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You want more?

Upon request, the following features are available:

  • customer specific dimensions
  • quartz sand coating as an antiskid feature
  • paint coat in desired colour, including prime coat